1200W Compact Oscillating Ceramic Fan Heater

Delivery Supplement:
  • Powerful enough to heat a good-sized room
  • Switch it to fan for use all-year-round
  • Built-in timer, safety cut-out switch
Product Information
Never has the saying, “all good things come in small packages”, been more relevant. This compact, portable heater conceals advanced PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic elements that heat up almost instantly and retain heat superbly, for maximum efficiency. Small enough to sit on your desk, sideboard or table, yet powerful enough to heat a good-sized room, it’s cheaper to run than a traditional fan heater and you can even switch it to cooling fan for use all-year-round. Select static or oscillating 45-degrees to spread the joy! Cable, L1m. Overall, H21.7 x W13.8 x D13.8cm.
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