3 Tier Solar Water Feature Pots

Delivery Supplement:
  • Creates a peaceful and delightfully subtle trickling sound
  • Each element has been coated with a durable weather proofing
  • 2 integrated LEDs illuminate the flow of water as night falls
Product Information
The grey cascading solar water feature embodies three chic, softly curved basins, each of which has been expertly finished with a contemporary dimple effect design. The water gently cascades through the spouts of the top two basins into the larger basin at the bottom, which creates a peaceful and delightfully subtle trickling sound. From here, the quiet, high-quality pump pushes the water back up to the top basin for efficient recycling. Each element of the water feature has been coated with a durable weather proofing, which ensures that you will have the opportunity to enjoy its calming presence for a long time to come.

As the solar panel is connected to the main water feature via a 3m long cable, there is some additional versatility here as you are not required to place the entire feature in the sunniest spot in your garden. Instead, you have a 3m radius to work with, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between ensuring the solar panel receives enough sunlight to power the pump and being able to place your water feature in the best possible position aesthetically within your garden. Place on a sophisticated patio area alongside comfortable seating to create a calming focal point for all to enjoy. The feature also boasts two integrated LEDs, which softly illuminate the flow of trickling water as darkness begins to fall. This makes it a wonderful addition to an outside entertaining area, helping to create a cosy ambience long into the evening as daylight recedes.

Product dimensions: H:50cm x W:29.5cm x D:22cm
Solar panel specifications: Monocrystalline - 9V 2.8W
Product specifications: 80-100cm head, JT-180 pump, Qmaxx 100-200 L/H
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