34cm Adjustable Tree Ties - Pack of 4

Delivery Supplement:
  • Adjustable Tree Ties
  • Supports the growth of trees and shrubs
  • Green to blend in with tree trunks and bark
  • Kind to trees
  • Pack of 4
Product Information
The adjustable tree ties are designed to support your trees and shrubs whist they grow, simply use the ties and attach your trees and shrubs to stakes and canes in a figure of 8 shape, the tie can be adjusted as the tree grows. The ties are kind to shrubs and trees and will not cause any damage to their trunks or bark. The ties can be used in a similar way to cable ties for any number of garden and household uses. The ties are easy to use and can be used again and again. Supplied in green so that they blend in seamlessly with tree foliage and your garden environment.
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