360° Solar Animal Repeller

Delivery Supplement:
  • Use solar-powered – NO running costs
  • 360° infrared sensors – sense movement up to 10 metres away
  • Ultrasound – inaudible to human beings
  • LED flashing lights – startle, without harming
  • 90-120db ultrasonic speaker – for added impact
Product Information
This excellent 3-in-1 solar-powered pest repeller has 360° infrared sensors, triggered by movement within 10m. Flashing LED lights, ultrasound (inaudible to humans), and a 120db ultrasonic speaker (with on/off function) are instantly activated deterring unwanted foxes, cats, dogs, deer, badgers, rodents to protect gardens, allotments and bin areas. Simply plug in a USB cable (included) for use in garages, lofts and sheds too. Automatically enters energy-saving mode when inactive. Simple home assembly. H49.8 xW11.5cm.
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