4-way Saucepan

Delivery Supplement:
  • Versatile saucepan with 4-way divider
  • Save on washing up, use less energy while cooking
  • 2 litre capacity in enamelled carbon steel
  • Vented glass lid and cool-touch handles
Product Information
Why use four pans when one can do the job just as well? Our lidded saucepan features a removable 4-way divider that lets you cook different things all at the same time – and all in the same pan.Saving time, energy and washing up, it’s a boon if you’re cooking for yourself or just two people. Boil potatoes and a medley of veg at the same time: the pan’s dividers keep everything separate for easy serving. The 2 litre enamelled carbon steel pan includes cool-touch handles and comes complete with a vented glass lid that lets you see what’s cooking. Diameter 20cm. Can also be used as a normal saucepan. Non-stick surface is hand washable. Suitable for all stove tops except induction hobs.
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"4 Way Saucepan"
Brilliant product
By Steve C Butters,  19 Sep 2023
It is great I love it
By Patricia Haddley,  19 Jan 2023
It is great I love it
By Patricia Haddley,  19 Jan 2023