9-in-1 Painter’s Tool

Delivery Supplement:
Victor Garden Tools
  • Nail puller, paint can opener and bottle opener
  • Paint roller, crack cleaner and filler spreader
  • Concave and convex scraper, plus paint scraper
Product Information
With this handy steel multi-tool in your pocket you’ve immediately got 9 jobs covered. From pulling nails to opening paint cans, preparing surfaces to filling cracks. A moulded, easy-grip handle ensures it’s a dream to use, so you get the job done fast, whatever the task. L22cm x W7.5cm x D2.5cm.

1. Paint can opener
2. Paint roller cleaner
3. Bottle opener
4. Nail puller
5. Crack cleaner
6. Paint scraper
7. Filler spreader
8. Concave scraper
9. Convex scraper
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