AA Liquid Ice Melt 5L + Long Hose Trigger

Delivery Supplement:
  • For instant removal of ice & snow
  • Works down to -15 degrees Celsius
  • 5L covers up to 250m?
Product Information
Liquid Ice Melt & Preventer is ideal to be used as both a de-icer and pre-icer. With a formula that can withstand freezing conditions for up to 48 hours, Liquid Ice Melt & Preventer will prevent ice from bonding to glass, metal and virtually any other surface. Will not damage furnishings when walked inside. Works down to -15 degrees Celsius - swiftly melts 10 mm of ice and snow in 25 seconds! Continuously effective for up to 48 hours after application. You can also use it BEFORE ice and snow to prevent! Liquid Ice Melt is ready to use - simply pour onto or decant into a spray bottle and spray directly on the surface, 5 litres covers up to 250 m?! Environmentally friendly, alternative for melting ice and snow and does not produce any residues that can damage indoor surfaces/carpets etc, unlike traditional grit and salt. It is ideal for areas where granular products cannot be used, such as gantries, fire escapes, mesh flooring and artificial grass which would be damaged by granular products. Liquid Ice Melt & Preventer is non-corrosive to metals and concrete. Application Rate: 5L covers up to 250m?. Spray directly on to the surface to be treated, watch the ice and snowmelt away, simple!
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