Artificial Living Wall Azalea 50 X 50cm

Delivery Supplement:
  • UV stable so won't fade
  • Artificial, realistic Azalea with white flowers
  • Very low maintenance
  • Snap and lock system
  • Indoor & outdoor use
Product Information
Enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of a lush green wall, year-round, with this "living wall" made from UV-protected artificial plants, a stunning 50 x 50cm decorative solution that brings the beauty of nature indoors or outdoors. These lifelike artificial plants provide all the visual appeal of real foliage without the need for maintenance or watering. The UV protection ensures that the vibrant colours remain fade-resistant even in direct sunlight, maintaining the wall's lush appearance over time. Perfect for enhancing interior spaces, offices, or outdoor areas with greenery, this versatile living wall offers a hassle-free way to incorporate nature-inspired aesthetics into any environment.
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