Bacon Crisping Tray

Delivery Supplement:
  • Crispier, healthier food without the need for oil or fat
  • 360° heat circulation for even cooking
  • Non-stick, easy clean
Product Information
Crisp up delicious, healthier chips, breaded fish – and now bacon – with authentic crunch and taste… without the need for oil or fat. Copper King’s Bacon Crisping Tray raises the food, promoting 360° heat circulation and preventing hot spots for perfect, even cooking without soggy bottoms! No need to turn the food, and any fat just drips into the tray below for crispier results and a cleaner oven! Non-stick, easy clean. Not dishwasher safe. Bacon crisping tray, L34 xW24 xH2.5cm, mesh, L37 xW20cm.
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