Better Posture Walking Stick

Delivery Supplement:
  • High, ergonomic handle that raises line of sight & improves posture
  • Lightweight, sturdy & foldable with wrist loop
  • Non-slip tip with 360° traction & 10 adjustable heights
Product Information
Now here’s a revolutionary idea: a walking stick that makes you ‘walk tall’! The secret is in its higher, ergonomic handle, which forces you to stand upright, and adjust your line of sight. Instead of looking down, you look forward, improving posture, relieving pressure on shoulder and wrist and increasing stability. Lightweight, sturdy and foldable, with wrist loop. Non-slip tip with 360° traction stands up on its own. 10 adjustable heights, 102-125cm. Max weight 110kg.
Reviews (28)
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"Easy To Assemble, Strong And Gives Confidence When Walking."
Easy to assemble and get the correct height for walking without stooping, as I have sciatica this has helped me to improve my posture. The base helps to give confidence and the handle is easy to grip. Huge improvement on normal walking aids.
By Bridget Lasccelles,  17 May 2022
"Surprisingly Effective!"
I have wedge fractures in my spine and am finding it extremely difficult to hold up my head when walking without very severe pain. This stick, though odd looking, corrected my posture immediately and allows me to walk with my back straight and my head raised. I still find that my quad cane offers more support for arthritic knee joints, but this stick is invaluable for correcting my posture. I thoroughly recommend it.
By Miles Carver,  12 May 2022
"Walk Tall"
Bought two of these walking sticks due to damage caused by a car crash. Now I can walk straight and tall. Many thanks
By Karen and Patrick McCarthy,  01 Apr 2022