Brush-on Mould Remover - Buy 2 & Save £2

Delivery Supplement:
  • Brush off black mould from tiles, grout and silicone seals
  • Penetrates deep-down into the surface to kill and remove mould
  • Easy to apply — No waste, no mess!
Product Information
With this easy and fast-acting mould remover in your cleaning armoury, even the most stubborn stain is powerless to resist. Simply brush into tile grout and silicone joints – so much easier to apply than liquid, and far less mess and wastage. It penetrates deep-down into the surface, removing and killing mould, and stopping it from coming back. 250ml.
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As described with thanks
By Anonymous,  24 Jan 2023
"Not So Good!"
After one treatment of my shower the result was a little disappointing. There is no doubt that there has been some improvement but, I shall reserve my final judgement until after at least two more treatments.
By MR ROY AYLOTT,  01 Dec 2023
Followed the instructions to the letter. It removed about 80% of the mould. Used it a second time - no effect. Tried using toilet bleach with a stiff nylon brush which removed most of the remaining mould.
By Ellis Barber,  08 Sep 2023