Bug Hotel

Delivery Supplement:
  • Little tubes for a place to sleep
  • Decorative design
  • Made from mostly natural materials
Product Information
The bug hotel provides you with the perfect solution to make your outside space a haven for an array of interesting insects and beautiful bugs. The exterior of the bug hotel is constructed from bamboo and metal. This means that it is both attractive and durable, thereby ensuring it will continue to make a wonderful addition to your outside space whilst attracting and protecting a selection of creepy crawlies that are essential to maintaining the ecosystem around us.

The sleek metal roof also adds to the overall longevity of the bug hotel by channelling rainwater off and away from the wooden structure. Where you place your bug hotel outside will influence the residents that will decide that it's the ideal hidey-hole for them. When positioning your bug hotel, look for a spot that is sheltered from harsh winds and placed at least one metre from the ground. It is also important to ensure that there is no vegetation blocking the hotel, as this can make it difficult for bugs to find the entrances to the compartments and tunnels.

Inside the main exterior construction, there are several different compartments, each of which has been filled with a different natural material. In addition to small bamboo tubes that offer a safe haven for bees, the deadwood compartment at the top of the bug hotel is ideally suited to earwigs which feed on an array of pests that can affect our gardens, including aphids.

The bottom compartment of the bug hotel is filled with pinecones, which offer an ideal environment for woodlice and ladybirds. Ladybirds, in particular, are also renowned for their pest-eating benefits, with a single ladybird able to eat more than 5,000 individual aphids!

Bug hotel dimensions: H40 x W28 x D9.5 cm
Bug hotel materials: Bamboo, metal, pinecones, deadwood