Bug Vacuum Built in LED Light

Delivery Supplement:
  • Removes insects humanely
  • LED light illuminates the darkest corners
Product Information
Hate spiders and bugs, but don’t want to squish them? At the push of a button, Bug vacuum gently sucks in any insect, whilst you keep your distance. You can then set it free humanely. Built-in LED light spots them even in the darkest corners! 1x 9v battery (not included). L43cm.
Reviews (14)
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As I hate spiders this is great for removing them without getting close.
By Anonymous,  22 Oct 2022
Great item
By Irene Macintyre,  09 Dec 2021
I am terrified of spiders , and this product hasn't failed me yet , it sucks them up (no matter what size they are) and put back outside humanely, I haven't bought anything that works so well , well done Coopers
By Jenny Bolam,  03 Sep 2021