Bunion Corrector

Delivery Supplement:
  • Help to reduce bunion formation & aid recovery
  • Unique, hinged design stabilises arches & keeps toes aligned
  • Cushioning pad for comfort & 2 adjustable straps fit all foot sizes
Product Information
Worn day or night, this splint can help to reduce bunion formation, and aid recovery from tailor’s bunion, hallux valgas, hammer toes, and more. Its unique, hinged design stabilises arches and keeps toes aligned for soft tissue to heal correctly, whilst a cushioning pad guarantees comfort and 2 adjustable straps fit all foot sizes. L14.7 x W9.7cm.
Reviews (3)
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"The Rack For Your Toe."
I only have a mild bunion yet this contraption was very painful to wear. I've put it away. I think no so-called "bunion corrector" can "correct" a bunion, only surgery can do that. Won't be wasting anymore money on these torture devises. Learned the lesson of don't believe they hype.
By Maria Staszko,  02 Jun 2021
"Not Happy"
having tried this product it was found to hurt & not pleasent to use
By Susan Hughes,  15 Apr 2021
i think i purchased this item too late as i get soo much pain when wearing product
By Trevor Lewis,  27 Jan 2021