Car 6/12 Amp Automatic Battery Charger

Delivery Supplement:
  • Heavy duty battery charger
  • Charges both 6V & 12V batteries
  • For lead acid batteries
Product Information
A multi-setting mains operated heavy duty battery charger. Can charge both 6V and 12V vehicle batteries with the option of normal or trickle charge.

This battery charger provides a maximum 8 Amp charge (3 Amp for trickle) and it is double insulated. It features reverse polarity and thermal overload protection, and it also an easy-to-read analogue display for seeing the current charge level.

Suitable for lead acid batteries only.

* 12V 8 Amp battery charger
* Plastic casing
* 6V Charge 5.6 ADC, (8 Amp RMS)
* 6V Trickle - 2.5 ADC (3 Amp RMS)
* 12V Charge - 5.6 ADC (8 Amp RMS)
* 12V Trickle - 3.6 ADC (4 Amp RMS)
* Battery capacity: 9-160Ah
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