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Car Cover
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Protecting your car from snow, ice, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and more, our best-selling cover is now stronger-than-ever. It’s like owning a portable garage! Made from mildew-resistant polyester with a rugged silver coating. Quick and easy to pull over your car, with strong, elasticated straps to keep it firmly in place, even in winds, for year-round paintwork protection.

H745 Small Full Car Covers, 440 x 175 x 135cm
H746 Medium Full Car Covers, 470 x 180 x 135cm
H747 Large Full Car Covers, 500 x 200 x 145cm
H748 Small Half Car Covers, 320 x 160 x 58cm
H749 Medium Half Car Covers, 345 x 165 x 58cm
H750 Large Half Car Covers, 365 x 165 x 58cm
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