Carmen Massage Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Heat - Black

Delivery Supplement:
  • 4 rolling massaging balls for a complete shiatsu massage experience
  • Provides deep tissue massage for full relaxation
  • Infrared heat to ease muscle tension/stress and promote circulation
  • Bi-directional movement with forward and reverse kneading
  • Simple one button operation for ease of use
Product Information
This Carmen shiatsu massage pillow is perfect for creating the experience of a relaxing deep tissue massage on your neck, back, shoulders, legs and abdomen. The bi-directional movement mimics the motion of an in-person massage, providing both forward and reverse kneading for an overall better massage. The inclusion of an infrared heat function helps target more specific areas, helping to ease muscle tension and stress, all while promoting better blood circulation. This massage pillow features a one touch operation, for ease of use at the press of a button. Portable in its design, this back massager includes both a home and car adaptor, giving you the freedom to get ultimate relaxation and pain relief on the go. The adjustable strap securely fixes the massager to the back of the chair or car seat for added convenience.

L18 x W33 x H11cm
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