Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker

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  • Quick and easy
  • Healthy
Product Information
Tasty eggs – the quick and easy way. When you’re in a hurry and fancy a quick snack, you’d be hard pressed to beat a healthy, beautifully cooked egg. This super microwave Egg Cooking Pot means you can cook and then eat perfectly poached or scrumptiously scrambled eggs from just one pot, in as little as a minute! Why not add in some tasty extras like cheese or ham too? And because it’s made from non-stick ceramic you don’t need to add unhealthy oil or butter and of course, washing up is a breeze. Cooking up to 4 eggs at once, the Egg Cooking Pot’s ergonomic dome lets hot air circulate and the steam escapes through the vented lid, meaning your eggs don’t end up watery and overcooked. Dishwasher safe with a slip resistant silicone base. Measures Dia. 10cm xH13cm (4in x51/8in).
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