Circulation Maxx Reflexology - Platinum Pack

Delivery Supplement:
  • Premium reflexology device
  • For tired feet, legs and calves
  • Invigorating lower leg massage
  • EMS technology
  • Free TENS machine - for use on other parts of the body
Product Information
The Circulation Maxx Reflexology Massager makes use of the latest clinically proven EMS technology with reflexology to stimulate muscles in the lower legs. The Reflexology also comes with a free TENS machine which can be used on other parts of the body. Do you suffer with tired feet, legs and calves?
This could be due to poor circulation which is caused by lack of movement and is very common for people who cannot stand or walk very far.
The Circulation Maxx Reflexology uses a non-invasive, and drug-free way to help provide relief through stimulation of the lower legs.

Circulation issues mostly occur from lack of movement and are most common in elderly people or people with disabilities who are unable to stand or move as much as they need, to allow the blood to properly circulate. The areas of the body that are most affected are the feet, ankles, and lower legs. What is EMS technology?
EMS stands for Electrical muscle stimulation. It has a variety of uses including sports recovery, injury rehabilitation and for helping reduce the symptoms of muscular and circulatory issues.

The circulation Maxx Reflexology uses EMS technology to send small electrical pulses up the legs to contract the muscles to simulate movement to address some of the issues with not being as active as you’d like. TENS Machine
The Circulation Maxx Reflexology now comes with a free TENS machine which is battery operated and fully portable and can be used anywhere on the body (Excluding the face and neck).
Apply the adhesive pads to the skin and choose the power level to suit.

- Portable Pain Relief
- For shoulder, knee, back & neck pain
- Includes 4 reusable premium electrode pads.
- Easy LCD Backlit Feature
- Requires x2 AAA Batteries

The TENS unit sends an electrical current via the leads to the pads that are placed on your skin to help ease pain.

It also aids in improving sports injuries; arthritis and sciatica; stimulating muscle; enhancing blood circulation; easing tiredness; enhancing immunity and improving sleep quality.

The pocket-sized and dual-output design enable you to use on the go or in the office and the pads are uniquely contoured to suit any part of the body Important Information
The Circulation Maxx Reflexology should not be used if you have been fitted with a pacemaker, during pregnancy, if you have existing DVT, cardiovascular problems or epilepsy.

If you have any internal metal fixations, including hip and knee replacements, or screws and plates to fix bone fractures in the lower body, they must be made from titanium. It is not safe to use the Reflexology with any of the above made from any other metal. You must consult with your GP before using if you have any other health conditions.

Please refer to the Instruction Manual for more information. The device will not work with prosthetic limbs and is not suitable for lower limb amputees. This is due to the device needing to circulate the electrical pulses from one-foot plate to the other via each leg.

Batteries for the device and remote are not included - AAA for remote & AA for item (optional as power adaptor included). The device does not vibrate. If you cannot feel the micro pulses when you start using the Reflexology, try increasing the level of the pulses, or using your hands to test it. The conductivity can be affected if you have dry skin on the bottom on your feet. This can be rectified by moisturising the skin or using the Circulation Maxx Conductive Gel.
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