Collapsible Rain Barrel With 50 Gallon Capacity

Delivery Supplement:
  • Collect and store rain water
  • Conserve rain water for times of drought or hose pipes bans
  • Reduce runoff and soil erosion
  • Save money on your water bills
  • Connect directly to a hose pipe for watering
Product Information
A rain barrel is a great way of collecting and storing rain water. There are many advantages to using a rain barrel, they allow you to conserve water, help to reduce runoff and soil erosion, rain water is a healthier choice for plants and provides you with water during droughts and hose pipe bans. A rain barrel can also dramatically reduce the amount of water you use from your home water supply during the summer months and beyond saving you money in the process. Simply place the barrel under a roof or downspout and wait for it to rain, rain water will run directly into the barrel and is stored until it is needed. The barrel also features a tap and valve at the bottom which allows you to connect a hose pipe directly to it. The top of the barrel is secured with a zip and the water hole is covered in a mesh material that allows water to flow freely in but leaves and small animals are kept out. Excess water will flow out of the top overflow pipe. The barrel is easily taken down and folded for storage when not in use.
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