Cow Manure Pellets 5kg

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  • 100% Organic, natural fertiliser made from composted cow manure.
  • Perfect for use all over the garden including, lawns, borders, vegetables and patio pots.
  • Improves soil structure and water retention, with each pellet holding three times its weight in water.
  • A wide range of nutrients and trace elements to hugely increase the fertility of your garden.
  • Supplied in a 5kg bag delivered direct to your door for ultimate convenience free of charge!
Product Information
These pellets are made from 100% composted cow manure. The nutrients are completely organic and will help to give your soil and open and airy structure and much increased fertility. The pellets contain added nitrogen, phosphate and potassium as well as other trace elements and are excellent for water retention, being about to hold three times their own weight in water.The pellets can be used at any time of year, except when there is a frost. Spread them evenly onto moist ground and when rain is expected.Directions for UseLawns: 150-200g per m² in April, with further applications in June and August.Borders with mixed shrubs, bulbs and perennials: 150-200g per m² worked into the soil in early April and again in July.Root crops: 125-150g per m² prior to sowing.Green leaf crops: 150-175g per m² prior to planting.Potatoes: 150-200g per m² prior to planting, with a second application in July, worked into the soil.Pots and containers: Work into the compost in early April and again in July, 100g for a 30cm pot, 200g for 60cm and 300g for 90cm.Fruit trees, shrubs and roses: 125-150g per m² worked into the soil in early April and again in July.If there is no rain within 3 days of application, water the area thoroughly.Keep away from pets and children and store in a cool, dry place. Wash hands after use.

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