Cracked Ball Solar Water Feature

Delivery Supplement:
  • 100% solar powered
  • Made from durable & weather resistant resin
  • Can work any time of the day or night, if the solar battery is charged.
Product Information
A beautiful & rustic solar water feature. This water feature features a hollow rock with a polished finish on the outside and a rocky texture on the inside, which makes up the basin.

This water feature runs entirely on solar energy. It has a solar on-demand back-up battery power source for giving you the option of running the feature when it's cloudy or dark.

Comes with an LED light that comes on at night to give you a charming illumination. Solar on demand: A 2W solar panel with built-in back-up battery. The battery is used for running the feature at night or on cloudy days.

  • Battery: Lithium Battery 3.7V-2000mAH
  • Ground spike for solar panel
  • 5m cable between solar panel and water pump
  • Made from a durable & weatherproof resin for a realistic effect
  • DC-powered water pump
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 39.5cm x 32cm
  • Net weight: 3.5kgs

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"Cracked Ball Solar Water Feature"
Lovely gentle bubble. Just waiting to see if the birds will use it!
By Yzanne Fletcher,  23 May 2023