Daewoo 2300W Convector Heater

Delivery Supplement:
  • Rapid Heat
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Remote Control
  • Portable
  • Overheat Protection, Power Indicator Lights, And Wide, Sturdy Legs
Product Information
RAPID HEAT: Thanks to its 2300w of power, this Daewoo convector heater gets to temperature lightning fast, heating your room in no time at all.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: The convector heater has an adjustable temperature dial and 3 power settings, ranging from 1000w, 1300w, and 2300w, so you can control how much heat and energy you're using.

REMOTE CONTROL: The heater can be controlled via the included remote control, with digital temperature adjustment and a timer, that can also be controlled on the radiators front panel with the LCD display.

PORTABLE: Lightweight, compact, and with 2 carry handles, this portable convector heater can be moved to where you need it around the office or home.

SAFETY FEATURES: This radiator features overheat protection, power indicator lights, and wide, sturdy legs to ensure this free-standing heater is resistant to tipping.

The Daewoo 2300w convection heater is simple to use thanks to its digital controls and LCD screen. The space heater has 3 power levels available at the press of a button (1000w, 1300w, 2300w) with a timer to control how long the heater is on for. There's a convenient remote control that can be stored discreetly on the unit itself. Set on 2 wide legs, this free-standing heater has carry handles to make it portable so you can position it where you need it most, heating the room you’re in rather than your whole house. The radiator also features overheat protection to ensure safety and guard against accidents.

L73 x W15.5 x H45cm.
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