Daewoo 4L Single Pot Air Fryer

Delivery Supplement:
  • Healthy Frying
  • Thermostatic Control From 80-200°C
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Overheat Protection
  • Non-Slip Feet
Product Information
HEALTHY FRYING - Use this digital air fryer to cook your favourite fried foods, all whilst using absolutely no oil; cook for friends and family in a much healthier and almost guilt-free way.

THERMOSTATIC CONTROL - Make heating control much easier - With thermostatic control from 80-200°C, frying has never been more easy or simple.

AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF - This digital air fryer allows you to save energy and stay safe with its automatic switch off feature - It also shows when it's in use with an LED light display.

OVERHEAT PROTECTION - This digital air fryer has overheat protection built into it - This preserves the machine while enabling safe cooking in the kitchen.

NON-SLIP FEET - We built this digital air fryer with safety and convenience in mind - The feet of this double air fryer are non-slip so you can be sure there won't be any spillages.

Daewoo 4L Single Pot Air Fryer with 0-30 Minute Timer and Rapid Air Circulation, Auto Shut Off, 80-200°C Thermostat Control, Over Heat Protection, Non Slip Feet - Black.

L35.7 x W32.5 x H37.8cm.
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