Dahlia Blackberry Ripple - Pack of 3 Tubers

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  • Fill your summer garden with fascinating spikey blooms.
  • The perfect mixture of white, purple, and pink that creates a rippled pattern.
  • Easy to grow - perfect in pots, beds, and borders.
  • Supplied as a pack of 3 tubers.
Product Information
Dahlia 'Blackberry Ripple' is a fabulous cactus dahlia that will fill your summer beds and borders with their unique spikey blooms.These gorgeous blooms have layers of multiple petals creating a round spikey head in a mixed pattern of pink, purple and white. Flowering from June through to September, this cottage garden classic will provide you summer displays with four months of fabulous colour. So easy to grow, as they are supplied as tubers, packed full of energy to burst into growth in Spring and produce a mass of bright colours which will pepper your garden like gemstones as Summer turns to Autumn. Dahlias are perfect for planting in your bed, borders, patio pots and containers. Dahlias will need some winter protection if you want them to return next year, we recommend that you dig them up before the first frost arrives and keep them stored over the winter.Supplied as a pack of 3 tubers, ready to plant out.Care InformationDahlias are tender tubers and do best when potted up initially in March or early April, into large pots (2 - 3L) filled with multi-purpose compost.Placed in a light, frost-free place and kept moist, they'll quickly form bushy plants by the time the frosts have ended, ready to be planted out into the garden.In the garden, dig a hole at least 30cm wide x 30cm deep for each one, spacing each tuber 75cm apart.If you don’t have anywhere to start them in pots, you can put the tubers straight into the ground when the frosts are nearly over.Once a fortnight, feed them with a liquid feed such as our Blooming Fast Superior plant feed.During dry periods, water at least once a week.Dahlias should be deadheaded regularly to encourage more blooms and you will need to stake the plants to prevent the flowers from breaking the stems.

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