Deluxe Quality Twin Cylinder Foot Pump

Delivery Supplement:
  • Double barrel foot pump
  • Reinforced base at the bottom
  • Anti-slip tread plate
Product Information
This deluxe 100PSI double barrel foot pump is designed to provide you with a long lasting performance.

This foot pump comes with a reinforced base at the bottom of both cylinders which enables the rods to smoothly glide into barrels. This helps to reduce strain on the cylinder end caps on both barrels.

It also has a wide base that provides better stability when the foot pump is in use as well as a anti-slip tread plate. Plus, the pump has a retaining clip that runs the whole width of the foot pedal which makes it more secure when storing the foot pump.

This foot pump is suitable for inflating tyres on cars, motorcycles & bicycles and it has a trigger lock valve adaptor. It also comes supplied with two nozzle adaptors for inflating footballs, cushions and other inflatables.

The pump features an analogue display pressure gauge that provides readings in both PSI and Bar.
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