Eazy Grow Multi Purpose Peat Free Coco Compost (80L)

Delivery Supplement:
  • 100% peat-free compost perfect for potting up young plants.
  • Easy to handle, supplied in light weight compressed blocks.
  • Supplied as two 40L boxes of compost.
Product Information
Eazy Grow Coco Compost is 100% peat-free. It is made from the husk of a coconut that was traditionally discarded as a waste product, now repurposed as an excellent compost. Therefore, it is 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

As a multipurpose compost it is perfect for use in hanging baskets, containers and potting up young plants. The nutrients in Eazy Grow Coco Compost encourage a strong, healthy root system.

This easy-to-use compost contains two balanced 180-day controlled released fertilisers that will keep your plants nurtured as they grow and develop.

You can even re-use this compost for up to 3 years just by adding more fertiliser, making it excellent value for money as well as good for the environment.

Supplied as 2 x 40L boxes of compressed compost.

How to use:
Keep the dried compressed compost blocks in a dry and cool space.
Use in a well-ventilated place and avoid breathing in the dust.
To prepare the compost for use, place the compressed bricks into a large container, trug, or wheelbarrow, before adding 18 to 20L of water per block. Leave this to sit until all the water has absorbed, roughly 15 minutes. Fluff up the mixture to aerate and you will have high-quality compost, ready to use.
Once rehydrated, the compost can be re-used for up to three years, by just adding extra fertiliser.
Always use gloves when making up the compost and always wash hands afterwards.
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