ECG Smart Watch

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  • Not just a fitness tracker, it’s an ‘at home’ health tracker
  • Connect to the downloadable app for advanced functions
  • Download stored data to discuss with your doctor
Product Information
As well as a stylish timepiece, keep track of your health all day, every day with this lightweight, ECG smart watch. It’s not just a fitness tracker, it’s an ‘at home’ health tracker. For advanced functions, connect to the downloadable app to monitor ECG function, blood pressure and SP02 (blood oxygen) levels, taking readings directly from your wrist via an electrical heart-rate sensor. You can even download stored data to discuss with your doctor. Touch colour screen, H3.5 xW3.3cm. Fully adjustable, stainless steel Milano strap, W2cm xL23.5. Includes charging base and cable. Not suitable for people with a pacemaker.• Watch, stopwatch, alarm and timer • Use with or without Smartphone app• Advanced functionality is available via the smartphone app• Find my phone • Reminder for incoming calls and texts• Bluetooth 4.0 • IP67 waterproof up to 1m cert• Android 5.1 and above/IOS 9.0 and above
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"Four And A Half Stars"
Smart looking watch with the metal body and bracelet. Have tried all the health functions and they all seem to work well. The blood pressure app., much to my surprise, gives readings similar to my top of the range blood pressure
monitor. It’s very useful to be able to take BP readings at different times during the day with ease. It’s also comforting to obtain normal ECG results on demand, although it’s still important to obtain medical advice from a health professional. Very good all round. Only gripe is that I’m not keen on the display graphics.
By David,  11 May 2022
"Ecg Smart Watch"
A Stylish smart watch that tracks vital health problems also fitness exercises. This watch monitors more health than top of the range which I have paid several hundred pounds for.
By Peter,  04 Feb 2022
"Neat Comfortable And Quite Comprehensive"
Still getting used to it. Tablet app ok. Comfortable to wear. Does the job It is supposed to do.
By Anonymous,  02 Feb 2022