Ewbank UV-C Multi Purpose Vacuum Cleaner With Bed & Fabric Sanitizer - Red

Delivery Supplement:
  • UV-C light removes dust mites without use of chemicals
  • Beater hits mattress at 3000bpm releasing dust mites
  • Reduces exposure to harmful dust; great for asthma sufferers
  • Can be used as a stick or handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Includes 2x extension tubes, crevice tool and dusting brush
Product Information
The Ewbank EW0400 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner with Bed & Fabric Sanitizer is designed to eradicate bacteria, and kill dust mite (and eggs) without the need for harsh chemicals – promoting a healthier, happier night sleep. UV-C Light Sterilizes dust mites and kills bacteria such as E-Coli and MRSA, while Lavender Sleep Enhancer Fragrance Cards leave mattresses smelling fresh. Designed to clean curtains, fabrics, sofas, and even children’s toys, the powerful 400W Motor UV-C light promotes the ultimate cleaning technology, and powers the Bed Beater to hit your mattress at 3,000 beats per minute – releasing dust mites and reduces exposure to harmful dust. This bed & fabric sanitizer and vacuum cleaner can be used separately as a convenient handheld vacuum cleaner .

L41 x W27 x H11cm
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