Expandable Hose Pipe

Delivery Supplement:
  • Six-function spray gun for all of the garden
  • Zero kinks, tangles or twists, automatically expands and retracts
  • Advanced thorn and abrasion-resistant technology – no snagging
  • Supplied with wall hanger and carry bag
  • Easily cut to any length
Product Information
Italian-made magic hose automatically expands and contracts

Promising no kinks, tangles or twists, the Magic Expanding Garden Hose is the only solution you need to keep your garden watered. This incredible garden hose pipe has magic patented 'elastic' technology that allows it to expand longitudinally as water flows through it. But, as soon as the water stops flowing, it 'magically' snaps back into shape. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to move around your garden. This hose also boasts a six-function spray gun, making it a versatile garden solution and ensuring that all your outdoor water needs - from watering plants and hanging baskets to washing the car - are catered to.

No longer will you need to awkwardly wrestle with your garden hose as you attempt to manoeuvre it around your garden. Gone are the days of reduced water pressure thanks to kinks, twists and turns. The Magic Expanding Hose automatically expands and retracts when required. It can even be used without unravelling and will not kink or twist, ensuring that it is quick and convenient to use. It won't get snagged on plants or bushes around your garden thanks to its special thorn and abrasion-resistant technology. This garden hose pipe stretches to an impressive 30m long - almost a third of the length of a football pitch - so it is more than long enough to tackle jobs in the average garden.

The Magic Expanding Garden Hose is easy to store and carry too so it does not become an eyesore in your outdoor space. A handy wall hanger allows you to store the hose neatly away, while a carry bag is also provided for easy transportation. Two hose connectors are included too. Unlike fabric-covered hoses, this one can be easily cut to any length. Despite its durability, this Italian-made hose weighs just 1.25kg, so moving it around your garden will not require too much heavy straining or lifting. With less time spent on the onerous tasks of winding up, unravelling or tackling annoying kinks, you'll make quick and easy work of garden watering tasks. You'll have more time to relax in your garden, enjoying the fruits of your labour.
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