Eyeball Bird Scarer - Twin Pack

Delivery Supplement:
  • Wind activated bird repellent
  • Inflate and hang from trees or poles
  • Can be used to protect fields, orchards, ponds and more
Product Information
Inflatable, wind activated, humane bird repellent eyeball with rotating reflective eyes and a streamer tail deters garden pests such as pigeons, seagulls and crows from crops and vulnerable outdoor areas. Humane bird repellent is safe for use around wildlife and pets; simply stick enclosed reflective circle stickers into centre of black circles to form pupils; tie streamers to bottom of balloon.Wind activated movement of inflatable bird scarer mimics in-flight predator species, repelling bird pests such as pigeons and gulls from vulnerable garden areas. Inflate and hang eyeball bird deterrent from trees or poles to protect crops and vulnerable areas of gardens and buildings from bird damage. Can be used to protect fields, orchards, ponds, boats and buildings as well as being used around gardens.
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