EZ Breezy Airer

Delivery Supplement:
  • Height adjustable fan bar and drying panels
  • Over 12m drying space
  • Low energy for cheaper electricity bills than using a tumble dryer
Product Information
Bring the outdoors in with EZ Breezy Indoor Airer. It has a specially-designed mini-motor that generates ‘breeze technology’, gently wafting room temperature air up and under your clothes. Water evaporates naturally, leaving clothes fresh, clean and dry – up to 50% faster than a regular indoor airer. Dries up to 15kg laundry even on cold, damp or rainy days – with fewer wrinkles! H145 x W85 x D65cm. Mains cable L120cm.
Assembly Required
Assembly Required
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"Ez Breezy Dryer"
This product arrived on time in secure packaging.
Assembly was not helped by slightly confusing instructions.
In use, the power is via a low voltage supply to a fan blowing ambient temperature air through vents upwards onto the clothes, so the warmer the room, the more efficient the product would be.
I was disappointed that it took around 15 Hrs to dry the clothes enough to wear. Much less than a tumble dryer or being outside in the wind and sun, but is a lot cheaper to run than a tumble dryer. We have a Smart Metre, and the difference in costs between this product and the tumble dryer are really noticeable, and on cost savings, will be very will be useful in the winter months so long as the items to be dried, must not be needed urgently.
I feel that perhaps this is not to the usual standard that I normally expect from products from Coopers
By arthur Bailey,  19 Nov 2021
"Over Complicated And Flimsy"
The design and build seems over complicated .. .. flimsy not very robust .. part of the plastic had snapped on opening the box … not worth £60 for what it is in my opinion … seems to dry the clothes a little quicker but nothing too impressive
By Nicola,  16 Oct 2021
"This Was Bought As A Present For My Sister."
I can't review this, but my sister said it is just what she needed.
By Jackie Fishenden,  15 Dec 2020