Fly Max Re-Usable Fly Catcher - Pack Of 2

Delivery Supplement:
  • Super effective attractant developed by professionals
  • Lasts 2-3 weeks
  • Attracts flies from up to 10m radius
Product Information
Twin pack of fly traps: outdoor fly traps with super-effective insect attractant included for each bottle; flies get in but can't get out. Outdoor use: suitable for use in gardens, refuse areas and other outdoor spaces. Use to protect property and pet areas from fly invasions.Two bait sachets are included to fill the traps. Highly effective bait attractant: simply add water to the bait attractant inside the bottle and hang in the sun to activate. Works to attract insects from up to 10m away. Contains no poisons: the bait attractant is non-toxic and poison-free, naturally attracting flies to the trap so they can't escape.
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