Fox & Wildlife Repellent 2x50g Sachets - Twin Pack

Delivery Supplement:
  • Humanely repels nuisance garden pests
  • Teats up to 50m2
  • Child and pet safe
Product Information
2 x 50g fox, rabbit and bird repellent sachets: empty sachets into water to activate, then distribute over garden areas to deter unwanted wildlife. Humanely repels nuisance garden pests such as foxes, rabbits and birds from lawns, flowerbeds, patios and outdoor, garden areas - treats up to 50m2.Fox and wildlife deterrent sachets are child and pet safe once treated areas have dried. Fox and wildlife repellent sachets can be used for general coverage or as a spot treatment: apply under dry conditions and ensure spray deposit dries on the crop, plant or area to be protected.Contains aluminium ammonium sulphate; use pesticides safely and always read the label.
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