If you’re looking for inspiration to help you create a beautiful garden, look no further than Gainsborough Garden & Wildlife at Coopers of Stortford.
We offer a range of timeless items that will make your garden a comfortable place for you and for the local wildlife to enjoy. You can enjoy your outdoor space in comfort during pleasant weather by relaxing on a relaxer chair, available in a range of subtle, natural colours that will complement your garden’s lush greenery. Our garden furniture is easy to sit down on and get up from. It offers a lovely place to relax on warm summer days, or under a cozy blanket on chillier spring or autumn days, allowing you to enjoy sitting outside in your garden all year round.

In addition to comfortable garden seating, we also sell a range of traditional parasols and umbrellas that will help you to enjoy sitting out in your garden come rain or shine. An umbrella or parasol is a worthwhile touch to add to any garden, as it will allow you to relax outside in almost any weather,

You can also make sure that your garden is a place that local birds will enjoy visiting. Installing an elegant bird feeder is a sure way to make your garden a bird watcher’s paradise. Bird feeders are the ideal garden feature for nature lovers, as they help to keep the local wildlife happy and fed all year. Enjoy watching local birds, squirrels and more without having to worry about the safety of your vegetable patch.

Nature lovers can also attract more visiting wildlife to their gardens by installing garden features such as fountains. Garden fountains don’t have to be ostentatious. Our range of classically English garden features includes fountains designed to attract local birds while perfectly complementing your garden’s classic look. We stock fountains that come with no additional plumbing, wiring or running costs. They are easy to install, meaning that you’ll get lots of enjoyment without any stress.

Keen gardeners can make sure that their flowerbeds and vegetable patches are decorated in a subtle way that looks lovely while blending in with their garden’s natural features. We sell a range of stepping-stones and borders made from natural materials that will look wonderful in any traditional garden. Our range of stepping-stones will make it easy to walk across your garden even in the rainiest English weather.

The keen gardener can also choose from a range of classic planters. Our traditional wooden planters and stone pots will allow you to showcase your loveliest flowers. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit whichever flowers you’ve chosen to cultivate.