Callistemon standard 90cm 21cm

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  • Fabulous bottlebrush-like brightest red flowers in late spring and summer - stunning detail on each strand.
  • A magnet for bees and butterflies when in flower - they need attracting to our gardens to pollinate food crops
  • This standard form on a clear stem looks great in a big pot, on the patio.
  • A half-hardy shrub, so give winter protection in colder, windier spots.
  • Supplied as a 80-100cm (incl pot) tall standard lollipop-form tree in bud in spring
Product Information
A lemon scented Bottlebrush tree in breath-taking ‘Lollipop’ Form

Callistemon is a simply beautiful evergreen tree that will explode with incredible firework-like bottle brush blooms in early summer each year - the flowers are larger than many other varieties. Available here in eye-catching ‘standard’ form so the flowering head is held on a strong stem, well above your other plants, thereby making an incredible visual statement and making your garden really stand out from the crowd!

They are perfect for growing in pots on your patio and to make them even more attractive, the foliage has a refreshing lemon-citrus scent that will fill the air when you brush past or crush the leaves. Friendly insects and essential pollinators will flock to the nectar-laden blooms, ensuring that your fruits and vegetables get the essential ‘pollination service’ they require!

Originally raised in Kings Park in Perth, Australia and very commonly grown across the Mediterranean, these beauties have incredibly pretty pink foliage when young. They love a sun drenched position and will reward you with more spectacular blooms when you site them well.

Supplied as a 80-100cm (incl pot) tall standard lollipop-form tree in bud in spring. Prune to keep to size. Will reach up to 3m if allowed free growth.

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"Callistemon Plant"
Arrived safely on the 13th day. A few branches were bent somewhat to get them into the box and they're still unfolding and getting back into shape 2 weeks later.

Sadly there are none of the gorgeous red flowers on it at all. Hopefully they will appear next year. Slightly disappointing but it seems a healthy plant.
By Jan,  01 Jul 2022