Dracaena Marginata with Pot

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  • Dramatic, sword-shaped, dark green leaves make Dracena look like a miniature palm tree.
  • Easy-to-grow and the perfect plant for those new to indoor gardening.
  • A simple but stylish decorative container for a potted plant, for indoors use.
  • The ideal solution to covering up your houseplant's unsightly grower pots.
  • Supplied as 1 x established plant in a 17cm pot & 1 x dark grey plastic pot cover (Diameter: 18cm, Height: 17cm).
Product Information
Looking very much like a palm tree in miniature, Dracaena marginata (also known as the Madagascar dragon tree) is an evergreen shrub with a crown of long, sword-shaped, dark green leaves, finely edged with reddish-brown. A superb, low-maintenance houseplant that has few problems.

Dragon trees need a bright position which makes them an ideal candidate for a light windowsill out of direct sunlight and away from artificial heat sources such as radiators. They're slow growing too, taking around 10 years to get to 5ft, so won't overtake your home.

As well as being super-easy to grow, Dracaena is well known for helping keep the air in your home clean as it filters out pollutants keeping it fresh and clean - according to NASA, this plant can remove formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene, found in furniture, fireplace smoke, and common household products.

Perfect for displaying in this Dark Grey Plastic Houseplant Pot cover. It has simple but stylish design and is made from recycled plastic. It is just the thing for covering up the unsightly grower pot and will effortlessly coordinate your plant with your existing decor.

Pot covers are watertight and don't have any drainage holes, this will allow you to place them on your favourite pieces of furniture without the worry of spoiling the surfaces when watering. Easy to use, it's best to remove your plant before watering and allow the water to drain completely out of the plant before placing it back into the pot.

Supplied as 1 x established plant in a 17cm pot & 1 x dark grey plastic pot cover (Diameter: 18cm, Height: 17cm).

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