Golden Greens Organic Inulin 250g

Delivery Supplement:
  • Fight visceral fat with organic, prebiotic 'inulin'
  • Activates good gut bacteria and other benefits
  • Fat-free and tasteless; simply mix with water
Product Information
Visceral fat – it’s stored in your belly, next to your liver, pancreas and intestines – and it’s known to be a trigger for type two diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even dementia. Fight it with organic, prebiotic ‘Inulin’ – the Agave wonder fibre everyone is raving about it. It improves digestive health, activates good gut bacteria, boosts bone strength, helps control blood sugar and can even cut down on cholesterol! Fat-free and tasteless; simply mix with water, blend into a juice or smoothie or sprinkle over your breakfast. One teaspoon = 5g of extra daily fibre.
Reviews (11)
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"Healthy Product"
Inulin is an excellent source of fibre.
By Anonymous,  18 Feb 2024
"Works For Me."
I find this a great product and order it regularly as does my mother.
By Miss W,  27 Jul 2023
"Ideal Product"
Mixes with almost anything, seems to have started to work but it's still to early to say.
By Roger,  17 Jan 2023