Hand Massage Machine Heat Therapy

Delivery Supplement:
  • Hand massage machine combines air compression, vibration and heat
  • Relaxes muscles, reduces fatigue and eases discomfort
  • Encourages blood flow to hands and forearms
  • Can reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow and more
  • Rechargeable battery gives approx. 1.5 hours operation from a 3 hour charge
Product Information
Our hands are complex structures with muscles, tendons and over two dozen bones running through them. Over the years repetitive movements and stress can lead to stiffness, carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow and other uncomfortable conditions that may limit your mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks.

This compact hand massage machine encourages oxygen-rich blood flow to hands and forearms, relaxing muscles, reducing fatigue and encouraging movement. It combines three functions – low, medium and strong air compression plus vibration and heat – to give your hand a therapeutic all-round ‘workout’ as you relax.

Our soothing hand massager gives up to 1.5 hours use from a 3-hour charge (mains adaptor included). Dimensions L23.5 x W17.7 x D11.8cm.
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