Hi-Vis Mega-Sonic® Solar Mole Spike

Delivery Supplement:
  • High-visibility sonic repeller with in-built solar rechargeable power pack
  • It discharges a sonic pulse into the surrounding earth every 30 seconds
  • The continuous disturbance within its territory repels the mole without harming it
Product Information
Humane, solar-powered sonic mole repeller emits a sonic pulse every 50 seconds into surrounding earth to drive away moles from gardens, flowerbeds, lawns and seedbeds without harm. Mole deterrent spike is easy to use and has a mow-over head to avoid damage by garden mowers. Solar panels work effectively both day and night, as well as in poor light conditions. Mega-sonic mole repellent housing is weather-resistant, covering garden areas of up to 30m?; for large or irregular shaped gardens, more than one unit may be required. Mole deterrent spike vibrates every 50 seconds to deter the mole without harming it - eventually forcing it to seek a new habitat for tunnelling and feeding.
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"Working Well"
Suddenly found mole hills around the garden ,ruined the lawn etc .I bought these hoping they would deter moles and YEP they work .really was to set up and definitely seem to be keeping the moles at bay.
By Sue,  16 Feb 2023