Hibiscus Tricolour Standard 80-1M tall 3L

Delivery Supplement:
  • Three colours on one tree - pink, white and blue - selected to grow in balance for many years
  • Clever nurserymen have grafted 3 different colours onto one tree, instead of less successful plaiting
  • Totally hardy in UK, feed well when growing, and grow in soil or in pots in a warm, sunny spot for best results
  • You will be rewarded with the Tricolour flower display in August and September
  • Supplied as a grafted tree 0.8-1m tall in 3L pot, ready to plant out. Note - dormant with no leaves Oct-March
Product Information
No, your eyes are not deceiving you - this amazing hardy Hibiscus standard tree actually does have 3 colours on the same tree, and will stay that way too. Hibiscus are often propagated by grafting, and the clever nurserymen have here grafted 3 individual different colours - blue, pink and white - to the top of the standard stem. Usually they would graft 3 of the same colour, but in an experimental moment, created this delightful result. And vitally, all 3 varieties have been selected carefully so they grow at similar rates, and no one colour will dominate the tree. This is a more reliable method than the sometimes offered3 colours plaited together. All they need is an annual trim to shape, and they will stay in this lovely mix for years. Hibiscus syriacus is totally hardy in the UK, but thrives best in hot, sunny spots, and responds well to heavy feeding, especially trace elements. Flowering in August and September, prepare to amaze your friends and neighbours with this horticultural wonder!

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