Hot Nuts 1L - Twin Pack

Delivery Supplement:
  • Keep bird food for the birds
  • Ready to use, natural and humane
  • Treats up to 300m2
Product Information
Keep bird food for the birds with squirrel deterrent chilli spray, protecting bird tables and feeders from persistent garden pests. Ready to use, natural, humane 1L squirrel repellent spray to protect bird tables, nut feeders and suet balls in outdoor, garden areas.Squirrel deterrent spray treats up to 300m2 in gardens, protecting feeding birds with capsicum chilli sprayed directly onto bird food. Chilli spray is an irritant and is distasteful to squirrels, but palatable to wild birds - birds can continue feeding undeterred by garden pests.Easy to apply, squirrel repellent spray must be applied directly onto bird food and feeders; repeat treatment as feeders are refilled or at least every 48 hours until squirrels are deterred from feeding.
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"Badly Packed But Seeing To Be Effective"
Bottles were wet when received and sprayer on one bottle was broken. Early days, but seems to work - squirrels try to get nuts but soon leave them alone.
By Anonymous,  04 May 2023