Rechargeable 10W Cree Torch

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  • Trusted technology
  • Hard-wearing and weatherproof
  • Rechargeable at home and in-car
Product Information
Our high quality, Rechargeable 10W Cree Torch (incorporating the latest long life Cree LED bulb technology used by police authorities, and search and rescue worldwide) produces an astonishing beam of extremely bright, white light.

This gives you a wide and long field of vision (up to 500m) helping you to react to potential hazards more quickly.

Housed in a hard-wearing, weatherproof, aerospace grade, anodised aluminium body this beautifully balanced torch has 5 beam settings; three for brightness; one flashing; and an SOS signal.

Supplied with a rechargeable lithium battery pack, a charger and an in-car charger, you'll be amazed at just how bright this torch is.

Perfect for walking the dog, in the car or as a stand by indoors.

Contains 2x 3.7v DC Lithium batteries which should not be separated from the pvc wrap. Only use with the rechargeable batteries provided.

How to use the Rechargeable 10W Cree Torch

  • Warning! Do not interfere or undo the PVC wrap around the lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Install the rechargeable battery according to the correct polarity, with the positive end towards the torch head.
  • The battery is pre-charged and does not normally need to be charged before first use. However, recharge the torch as soon as you notice the light begin to dim
  • Take care not to shine the torch at someone's face or oncoming vehicles.
Reviews (60)
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"Powerful Torch"
we needed a reliable powerful torch, when going in our loft and this is the one.
By Anonymous,  28 Dec 2023
"Brilliant Buy"
These are the very best torches we have had. So good, we bought TWO.
Thank you for efficient service.
By Catherine Webster,  09 Sep 2023
Very sturdy and powerful.
By Anonymous,  17 Dec 2021