How do I get rid of weeds fast

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Taking Down the Weed Army: A Guide to Fast Removal

While complete eradication might be a fantasy, here is a multi-pronged attack to quickly remove a sizeable portion of unwanted weeds and prevent their rapid return:

Identify Your Enemy:

Knowing your foe is crucial. Different weeds respond better to specific methods. Broadleaf weeds (dandelions, clover) require different solutions than grassy weeds (crabgrass, nutsedge).

  • Manual Identification: Online resources and gardening apps can help you identify your weed type with pictures and descriptions.
  • Targeted Herbicide: If opting for chemicals, choose a selective herbicide targeting your specific weed type. This minimizes harm to desired plants. Always follow label instructions precisely, including safety precautions.

The Big Pull:

For smaller areas or stubborn weeds, manual removal is the fastest solution.

  • Tools of the Trade: A good weeding fork or trowel helps pry out the entire root system. Gloves protect your hands.
  • Timing is Key: Pull weeds after rain or watering when the soil is soft, making removal easier.
  • Do not Let Them Regrow: Bag and dispose of pulled weeds properly. Do not compost them, as seeds might remain viable.
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Smothering Tactics:

Depriving weeds of light is a natural and effective method, especially for larger areas.

  • Mulch Mayhem: Apply a thick layer (2-3 inches) of organic mulch around your desired plants. This blocks sunlight, prevents weed seeds from germinating, and retains moisture for your desired plants. Choose organic mulch like wood chips, shredded bark, or composted leaves.
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  • Cardboard Conquest: Lay down cardboard boxes (remove tape) directly on the weedy area. Cover with a layer of mulch to hold it down. Cardboard breaks down over time, smothering weeds and enriching the soil.

Boiling Water Blitz (For Patios and Walkways):

This method is ideal for targeting weeds growing between cracks in patios, driveways, or walkways. Boiling water kills the weed foliage and some roots.

  • Safety First: Use caution and wear protective gear like gloves and eyewear.
  • Targeted Application: Carefully pour boiling water directly onto the weed, avoiding contact with desirable plants. Repeat, as necessary. Remember, this might not kill the entire root system, so be prepared for regrowth.

Vinegar Vengeance (For Young Weeds):

White vinegar can be a natural herbicide option for young weeds.

  • Mix it Up: Combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • Sunny Side Up: Apply the vinegar solution on a sunny day for best results. The vinegar disrupts the weed's cell structure. This method might need repeated applications for complete removal.


  • Prevention is Key: After removing the initial weeds, maintain a healthy layer of mulch and hand-pull any new weeds that appear as soon as you see them. This prevents them from establishing strong root systems.
  • Beware of Collateral Damage: Avoid using herbicides near desirable plants or vegetable gardens. Opt for organic methods in these areas.

By combining these techniques and maintaining vigilance, you can quickly reduce the weed population in your garden and reclaim control of your green space.

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