Hygienic Loo Brush

Delivery Supplement:
  • Hygienic toilet brush thoroughly cleans the whole bowl with no bits left on the brush
  • Reaches right under the rim where unseen germs can lurk
  • Strong but flexible non-scratch silicone bristles
  • Open-back caddy suspends brush for quick drying
Product Information
Give germs the brush-off with this clever silicone toilet brush that’s been designed with hygiene firmly in mind. While normal brushes clean only the loo bowl, our hygienic toilet brush reaches right under the rim where unseen germs can lurk. More effective than ordinary bristles, strong but flexible non-abrasive silicone nodules really scrub the bowl without scratching. They also rinse clean more quickly and easily than ordinary bristles, ensuring that the brush doesn’t harbour germs in your bathroom. Our silicon toilet brush has no metal parts to go rusty. Our smartly designed hygienic toilet brush comes with its own open-back caddy that suspends the brush, allowing bristles to dry quickly. Overall dimensions: Height 42.5cm x Diameter 12.5cm.
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A very useful item
By Brenda Barby,  20 Jan 2024
Absolutely brilliant item. Always hated the bristle type toilet brushes but this is great.
By Anonymous,  03 Jun 2022
"Trying A Different Brush"
I decided to get this item as I wanted something that would reach under the toilet bowl, which with most normal toilet brushes is not the case. As it is made of a different material and has nodduels at the end and has a special part that is flexible to reach under the lip of the toilet bowel I thought this might be the perfect solution, and so far I have not been disappointed.
By Mrs J Lewis,  18 Jan 2022