Interesting ways to decorate your garden

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Beyond the usual planters and gnomes, there are some interesting ways to add personality and pizazz to your garden:

Vertical gardens: Transform a wall, fence, or shed into a living work of art with a vertical garden. Use hanging pockets, recycled materials like gutters, or special planter systems to cultivate lush greenery or cascading flowers.

Ladder Planter
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Upcycled delights: Give old items a new lease on life in the garden! Repurpose a vintage bathtub or watering can into a planter, string old teacups together for a quirky bird feeder, or use an old bicycle frame as a trellis for climbing plants.

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Fairy tale touches: Create a whimsical atmosphere with miniature houses, stepping stones, or furniture sized for fairies. Tuck them amongst leafy greens or hide them under blooming flowers for a delightful surprise. Fairy Toadstool: perfect dwelling for fairies & pixies.

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The magic of mirrors: Strategically placed mirrors can add depth and dimension to a small garden, creating the illusion of more space. They can also reflect interesting features like a water feature or a sculpture.

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Edible artistry: Plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers in decorative patterns or shapes. Create a vegetable patch that resembles a butterfly, or spell out a message with colourful blooms.

Wooden Cart Planter
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Light up the night: Go beyond the basic solar lights. String fairy lights in unexpected places, hang colorful lanterns, or use solar-powered spotlights to create dramatic focal points. Glow-in-the-dark pebbles can add a whimsical touch.

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A touch of whimsy: Let your creativity loose! Hang wind chimes made from seashells or recycled materials, create a bird bath out of a colourful mosaic, or scatter painted rocks with inspirational messages throughout the garden.

Tree of Life Windchime
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Natural wonders: Embrace the beauty of nature's cast-offs. Arrange interesting driftwood pieces as a sculpture, create a pathway edged with smooth stones, or hang a wind chime made from seashells.

Wooden Tractor Planter
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A haven for wildlife: Encourage beneficial creatures to visit your garden by incorporating a bug hotel, a bird feeder made from a natural material like a gourd, or a shallow water feature for birds and butterflies.

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Fire and ambiance: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a fire pit or chiminea. Roast marshmallows under the stars, enjoy the warmth on a cool evening, or simply use it as a focal point for nighttime gatherings.

El Clasico Chimenea
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Remember, the key to interesting garden décor is to personalize it and have fun! Let your imagination run wild and create a space that reflects your unique style.