Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector

Delivery Supplement:
  • It protects vulnerable areas such as garden ponds, aquatic areas, lawns & flowerbeds
  • It detects animal movement and shoots a jet of water to deter the garden pests
  • Coverage area is adjustable up to 10 metres
  • Easy set-up using standard hose connection and battery power
  • Not recommended to be used in direct sunlight or left out during freezing conditions
Product Information
Motion-activated: the Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector contains a motion sensor to act as an effective cat, fox, heron and wildlife deterrent. Ensures that the product only operates when necessary, saving water and power. Adjustable coverage: covers a radius of up to 10m (or 32ft) in a 120-degree arc with adjustable height. The unit can be moved up or down depending on the area you would like covered. Versatile use: Pond & Garden Protector can be used in different situations around the home and garden, including ponds, pools, aquatic areas, lawns, flowerbeds and hen runs to protect against herons, cats, foxes, deer, rabbits, foxes and other nuisance wildlife. Battery-powered repellent: requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries (not supplied). Electronic components and batteries are protected year-round against all weather and comes with a 2-year warranty. Humane repellent: An alternative to cage traps and other repellent devices. Deters nuisance animals away from vulnerable fish and garden areas without causing them any harm.
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