Kitchen Trolley - White

Delivery Supplement:
  • Provides extra storage space and a work station in your kitchen
  • Tabletop for chopping or serving
  • 4 pull out wire baskets for storage
  • Supplied in White ensuring a stylish and clean finish
Product Information
The kitchen trolley is perfect for providing much needed kitchen storage space. The trolley features a counter top which can be used as extra space for appliances such as kettles and toasters or alternatively it can be used as a chopping or serving space. There are 4 wire pull out storage baskets which are neatly tucked away under the trolley each with a 25.5cm depth, they provide extra storage space for items such as fruit and vegetables or non perishable goods like tins and cereals. There is also a pull out drawer with handle which is handy for storing knives, cutlery or utensils. The 4 castors mean the trolley can be transported easily around your kitchen and 2 of the castors can be locked to ensure the trolley does not move when you don't want it to. The white finish gives the trolley a stylish and clean look making it suitable for any kitchen regardless of your colour scheme.
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