LifeLight SAD Therapy Lamp

Delivery Supplement:
  • Mimicking natural sunlight to help lift your mood and wellbeing
  • 10 brightness levels and 4 timer settings
  • Simple control via 3 buttons
Product Information
Mimicking natural sunlight, the LifeLight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) therapy lamp provides an extra daylight boost, helping to improve hormone and vitamin D levels, and lift your mood, energy and wellbeing – especially when the days are shorter and we spend more time indoors.Designed to supplement your daily intake of light in order to achieve the recommended daily dose of 2,500 to 10,000 lux, the powerful 10,000 lux LED panel features 10 brightness levels and 4 timer settings (15/30/45/60mins), all controlled from 3 simple buttons. Measures W15.5 x H12.9 x D13.6cm. Mains cable 1.2m. Class IIa medical. Please consult your doctor before use.
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"Unable To Buy One :-("
General Precautions
- Do not use this lamp if you suffer from an eye disease (cataracts/glaucoma), diseases of the optic nerve and inflammation of the vitreous humour.
- Please consult your GP before use if you are taking pain relief medication, anti- hypertensive or antidepressant drugs.
- Please consult you Ophthalmologist before use if you have retinal disease or diabetes.
By Lauren Stevenson,  15 Apr 2022