Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap

Delivery Supplement:
  • Durable, long-lasting cage trap: made from rust-proof, galvanised steel mesh
  • Humane trap for rats: catches up to 5 live rats in each setting without harm, allowing them to be relocated and released
  • Easy to set up and use: self-setting trap comes fully assembled
  • Bait with XSV61
Product Information
The Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap from The Big Cheese® will deliver control of rat infestations in gardens, farms, and commercial premises alike. The self-setting trap is simple to use and effective in any situation - it is a proven design Like The Professionals Use. The Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Rat Trap is fully assembled and ready to use. It is constructed using a durable, galvanised mesh which has been machine-finished to ensure there are no sharp edges. The unit is suitable for use indoors and out. The self-setting mechanism enables continuous trapping of up to 5 rats once the unit is baited and in position. The trap is safe to use in areas where pets and wildlife are present and the protective hand-plate enables secure handling and transportation of captured rodents.

Monitor and Adjust Your Trap Placement As Needed

Once you have set the trap, it’s important to monitor it regularly to make sure that it is catching rats. If no rats are caught after a few days, you may want to switch the location of the trap and try again. By adjusting the placement of the trap, you will be able to maximize its effectiveness and quickly eliminate troublesome rodents from your garden or property.
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